A Textbook of Grammar and Usage-Condensed Edition

A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage (Condensed Edition) has its emphasis on practical usage. The focus of the book is on areas of usage which pose problems to the average Indian learner of English. The book covers the fundamentals of English grammar in a simple, non- technical language. This book will serve as a self study reference and practice book for studens at high school and higher secondary level and as a grammar text for college students.

Author(s): Joseph K V

1. Sentence, Clauses and Phrases
2. Parts of Speech
3. Nouns
4. Pronouns
5. Determiners
6. Articles
7. Adjectives
8. Verbs
9. Adverbs
10. Some Common Adjectives and Adverbs
11. Tenses and their Uses
12. Concord or Agreement
13. Conditional Sentences
14. Direct and Indirect Speech
15. Active and Passive Voice
16. Questions
17. Clause Structure
18. Prepositions
19. Conjunctions
20. Transformation of Sentences
21. Synthesis of Sentences
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ISBN : 9788182091474
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  • Published: 12 February 2008
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182091474
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  • Pages: 321

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