Visual Programming

Visual C++ is an object-oriented programming language used as a programming tool for designing menus, dialog boxes and so on. It is an IDE (Integrated Design Environment), which uses MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) an extraordinary package of prewritten, ready-to-use code. This book Visual Programming is designed for beginners as a first level course on the subject.

Author(s): Anbuchelian S

Unit 1 : Windows Programming
1.History of windows
2.Windows and messages
3. Graphics Device Interface— Fonts
4.Scroll Bar
5.Basic Drawing
6.Child Window Controls
Unit 2 : Application Framework
7. Application Framework and VC++ Components
8. MFC Library
9. Basic Event Handling and Mapping Modes
10.GDI, Colors, Fonts
11.Dialog Box
12.Windows Common Controls
Unit 3: The Document-View Architecture
14.The Document-View Architecture
15.Windows Resource
16.MFC Document-View Applications
17.Multiple Document Interface or MDI
18.Dynamic Link Libraries
Unit 4 : ActiveX and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
19. ActiveX Controls
20. COM
21. Interfaces
22. Benefits of COM
23. OLE
Unit 5 : Advanced Concepts
24.Database Management
25.Data Access Objects (DAO)
26.Threads and Synchronization
27.VC++ Networking Issues
30.Internet Information Systems and ISAPI Server Extension
31.Windows and Multimedia
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  • Published: 17 April 2007
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