Dictionary of Science

This book designed to serve as a reference guide for all branches of science at the high and higher secondary and graduate levels, this dictionary provides a balanced coverage of physics, chemistry, biology and medical terms .The Dictionary includes entries on subjects including electronics, computer, environmental science, astronomy, geology, geography, bio-chemistry, mathematics.

Author(s): George K

Chapter 1    A-Z Terms
Chapter 2    Computers
Chapter 3    Electronics
Chapter 4    Environmental Science
Chapter 5    Appendices
Chapter 6    Nobel Laureates(1901-2009)
Chapter 7    SI Units
Chapter 8    Periodic Table of the Elements
Chapter 9    Geological Time Scale
Chapter 10  Plant and Animal Classification

  • Over 5010 entries and 250 illustrations.
  • Terms classified according to subject and explained with care.
  • Includes brief details of Nobel Laureates from 1901-2009.
  • Appendix has SI units, periodic tables, geological time scale, plant and animal classification for ease of
      reference. Provides synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations.
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    • Published: 14 June 2010
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182091276
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