Common Errors in English Usage

Common Errors in English Usage highlights the common errors committed by students in spoken and written English. It provides explanations for correcting errors and rules of correct English usage.

Author(s): Sundararajan V

Unit 1. Commonly Confused Words
Unit 2. Words Commonly Misused
Unit 3. Errors in the Usage of Nouns
Unit 4. Errors in Case
Unit 5. Nouns and Noun Phrases
Unit 6. Pronouns
Unit 7. Shall and Will
Unit 8. Verbs and Tenses
Unit 9. Adverbs
Unit 10.Adjectives
Unit 11.The Use of Articles
Unit 12.Prepositions
Unit 13.Conjuctions
Unit 14.Errors in Punctuation
Unit 15. Style
Unit 16.Proverbs
Unit 17.Idioms Phrasal Verbs
Unit 18.Miscellaneous Errors in Usage
Unit 19.Spotting Errors
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  • Published: 14 June 2010
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182091252
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