Enrich Your English

Enrich Your English caters to the needs of the diverse facets of language learning and comprises hundreds of English and foreign phrases, proverbs, slangs, similes along with various kinds of vocabulary enrichers. It focuses on the practical side of grammar and includes word- formation like noun from verb, noun from adjective, verb from adjective and the like. The book covers important spelling rules and exceptions to those rules along with numerous examples.

Author(s): Thakur KPB Sinha

Part I- Another Feather in Your Cap
1. Words and Expressions Related to the Parts of
Our Body
2. Words and Expressions of Vivid Hues
3.Ideas Associated with Animals
4.The World of Proverbs
5. Common Foreign Phrases Used in English
6. English Slangs and Colloquial Expressions
7. Similes
8. Phrases
9. Targetting the Right Word
Part II- Improving Your Vocabulary
1. People Around Us
2. The World of Animals and Things
3. Places
4. Words, Words and More Words

Part III- Something Grammatical

1. Nouns which have Different Meanings when used
in their Plural Form
2. The Right Word
3. Word Formations- I
4. Word Formations- II

Part IV- Mending the Fence
A. The Spelling Trap

1. Steps to Correct Spelling
2. Words that do not Sound as they are Spelt
3. Spell Well

B. Tracing the Roots

1. Arrive at the Right Meaning
2. Some Greek Roots of Common Words
3. Some Latin Roots of Common Words
4. Latin and Greek Prefixes
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  • Published: 09 September 2009
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