Introduction to High Performance Networks

This book Introduction to High-Performance Networks provides an understanding of Internet protocols, ATM technologies, wireless networks and Quality of service. The TCP/IP protocol suite, ATM networks and Quality of service form the focus of this book. These technologies dominate the high-speed scene and share many common design approaches. The objective of this book is to provide an overall picture of the status of high performance networks with emphasis on network

Author(s): Muthukumaran B

1. Communication and Internet Traffic
2. Internet Products
3. Error Detection and Correction
4. Open Systems
5. Interconnect
6. Frame Relay (FR)
7. ATM–Protocols
8. Broad band -ISDN
9. Quality of Service
10. ATM Traffic Management and Traffic Classes
11. Wireless Technologies
12. Bluetooth
13. Optical Networks
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  • Published: 29 June 2005
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