A Handbook of Spelling

A Handbook of Spelling is a Comprehensive and user friendly, handbook that adopts a practice-based approach to mastering spelling. It comprises of three sections. The first section deals with the basic rules of spelling followed by examples and explanatory notes. The second section contains a list of words classified according to theme, while the third section deals with exercises and problem solving activities to test the reader’s grasp of the finer nuances of the English language.

Author(s): Ramya Y

1. Basic Spelling Rules
2. Thematic Spellings with Exercises
3. Practice Tests

• 8 basic Spelling Rules followed by exercises based on the rules
• Thematic spellings and exercises on topics like Senses, Fabric, Currencies, Time, Sound, Colours, Food, Music, Behaviour Patterns, etc.
• Exhaustive list of phobias and manias
• Differences between British and American spelling Special emphasis on commonly misspelt words List of homonyms
• 100 practice tests which include word puzzles, word chains, crosswords and many fun-based activities
• Spelling tips, memorising strategies and interesting quotes

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  • Published: 31 December 1969
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  • ISBN: 9788182090774
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