Capital Markets 3e

The Capital Market is the market for securities -for raising long-term funds needed for trade, industry and government. This book in 24 chapters covers various aspects of capital markets and deals with contemporary topics like Insider trading, Listing, OTCEI. Written in a clear and simple style, the book is targeted at undergraduate students of commerce and management disciplines.

Author(s): Gurusamy S

Chapter 1    Financial Markets
Chapter 2    Capital Market
Chapter 3    Capital Market Instruments
Chapter 4    Regulation of Indian Capital Market
Chapter 5    Derivatives Market
Chapter 6    SEBI-Functions and Working
Chapter 7    Investor Protection
Chapter 8    Insider Trading
Chapter 9    Stock Exchange
Chapter 10   Indian Stock Exchange
Chapter 11   Primary Market
Chapter 12   Methods of New Issue
Chapter 13   Intermediaries in New Issues Market
Chapter 14   SEBI Guidelines on Primary Market
Chapter 15   Listing
Chapter 16   Underwriting
Chapter 17   Book-Building
Chapter 18   Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI)
Chapter 19   Stock Market Index
Chapter 20   Stock Market Trading Mechanism
Chapter 21   Depository Services
Chapter 22   Speculation
Chapter 23   On-line Stock Trading
Chapter 24   Debit Market

  • Clear and simple style of writing
  • Clarity of concepts
  • Review questions based on examination pattern
  • Updated coverage of current and latest topics
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    • Published: 25 July 2006
    • Edition: 3
    • ISBN: 9788182090743
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