100 Tests in Grammar and Usage

Test of English is an important and compulsory part of various competitive examinations. The book in the 100 Test Series cover all the essentials of the English language. These tests help assess the language proficiency of users of English. These tests cover the basic essentials of English grammar together with usage.It enhances basic reading and writing skills and improves skills of comprehension and sentence formation.

Author(s): Joseph K V

Section 1
Grammar I: Tests 1-49
Articles and Other Determiners
Nouns and Pronouns
Verbs and Tenses
Questions and Question Tags
Adjectives and Adverbs
Infinitives and Gerunds
Section 2
Grammar II: Tests 50-71
Passive Voice
Sentence Classification
Clause Structure
Conditional Sentences
Indirect Speech or Reported Speech
Section 3
Usage I: Tests 72-79
Phrasal Verbs
Section 4
Usage II: Tests 80-100
Pinpointing Errors
Spotting Wrong Sentences
Sentence Completion
Sentence Improvement

  • 100 practise tests covering aspects of both Grammar and Usage
  • Variety of questions
  • Caters to aspirants of competitive examinations
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    • Published: 09 June 2004
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182090323
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    • Pages: 114

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