Entrepreneurship A Life of Commas, Not Full Stops

This book critically highlights questions, reflections, experiences and moments that sets one off on a dialogue with oneself. Some of these include: If I were to be like him, then who will be like me? the neck of the bottle always at the top? Should perfection be sought even if only the gods see your work?

Author(s): Raj Shankar, Meera Krishnan

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1.Exceptions are Examples
2.Entrepreneur- One of the Most Googled Words
3.Do you or your Business have Fans?
4.You cant Cross the Ocean if
5.The Gods Can See Them
6.To Achieve Greatness we need Ambitious Goals,
not Realistic Ones
8.The Social Stigma of Failure
9.Discipline: What Difference Great from Good?
10.What Good is a Dream?
11.A Poem: From Our Review Meeting
12.Share of What, are you Vying for?
13.How Good is your CV?
14.If I have to be Like Him, then who will be Like Me?
15.Untold Stories
16Prudence Pays
17.Joy of the Journey
18.The "CORE" Problem
19.Lessons from Sports Day
20.For want of a Little Boldness
21.Bharathiyar, Leonardo, Galileo, Corpernicus,
22.The "Knows" of "Dont Know"
23.The Twin Foes
24.The Price of Success
25.The Act of Ticking
26.The Other Side of Entrepreneurship
27.The Uneven Seven
28.The Occupation of Pre-occupation
29.Strategy Lessons from Karate!
30.Something is Better than Nothing, and Nothing
is Better than Nonsense
31.Bottle Neck!
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  • Published: 10 November 2010
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