100 Cloze Tests

Test of English is an important and compulsory part of various competitive examinations. The books in the 100 Test Series cover all the essentials of the English language. These tests help assess the language proficiency of users of English.Cloze Test is a variation of sentence completion and is in the form of a passage. These tests will help you assess your proficiency in the English language

Author(s): VN/IIP

Type I
Tests 1 to 32
Type II
Tests 33-47
Type III
Tests 75 to 100

  • 100 cloze test passages dealing with all aspects of the English language
  • Variety of patterns followed
  • Modelled on patterns of competitive examinations
  • Variety of passages taken from the different areas
  • ISBN : 9788182090071
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    • Published: 06 May 2004
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182090071
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    • Pages: 112

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