Foundations of Computer Security

Foundations of Computer Security provides a succinct, yet authoritative introduction to the underlying theory, history, vocabulary, and concepts that drive this pivotal area of computer science. With its user-friendly approach and clarity of style, the text conveys-in simple terms the core principles and developments underlying computer security in its many ramifications in the rapidly evolving computing arena. Following its opening framework laid out in a broad preface and introductory chapter, the book features chapters dedicated to a wide array of security related subtopics: physical security, viruses and worms, malware and spyware, privacy and trust, and cryptography, to name several. The work is a sort of guidebook for newcomers: It assumes only basic knowledge of computers and refrains from heavy mathematical elements.

Author(s): David Salomon

1.Physical Security
5.Trojan Horses
6.Examples of Malware
7.Prevention and Defenses
8.Network Security
11.Identity Theft
12.Privacy and Trust
13.Elements of Cryptography

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