Transmission Lines and Waveguides 2e

Designed to cover a one semester course requirement on the subject, this book has its emphasis on clarity of concepts-numerous useful tips to help understand concepts of electrical signals traveling through transmission lines and wave guides. It covers topics including General Solution of Transmission Lines, Smith Chart, Guided Waves, Rectangular Wave Guides, Circular Wave Guides and Microwave Resonators.

Author(s): Ganesan L , Sreeja Mole SS

Chapter I-Introduction
1.Transmission Lines
3.Symmetrical T Network
4.Symmetrical Pie Network
5.Relation between primary Constants and Secondary Constants
6.Decibel and Neper
7.General Solution of Transmission Line
8.Other Unit of a Transmission Lines
9.Conditions for Minimum Attenuation
10.Waveform Distortion
11.Distortionless Line
12.Telephone Cable
13.Campbellā€™s Formula
14.Reflection Coefficient
15.Reflection Loss
16.Return Loss
17.Insertion Loss
18.Telephone Line
Chapter II-Lines at Radio and Higher Frequencies
2.Line Constants for Zero-Dissipation Line
3.Voltage and Current on Dissipationless Transmission Line
4.Standing Waves and Standing Wave Ratio
5.Standing Wave pattern for Open and short Circuited Load
6.Input Impedance of the Dissipationless Line
7.Input impedance of Open and Short Circuited Line
8.Power and Impedance Measurement on a line
9.Measurement of Unknown Impedance
10.Real and Reactive Power
11.Parameters of Open Wire Line and Coaxial Line at High Frequencies
12.Impedance Matching and Impedance Transformation
13.Stub Matching of a Transmission
14.Smith Chart
Chapter III-Wave Guides
2.Wave Guide between Parallel Planes
3.Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Waves
4.Attenuation in Parallel Plane Guides
5.Wave Impedances
Chapter IV-Rectangular Wave Guides
2.Transverse Magnetic Waves in Rectangular Wave Guide
3. Transverse Electric Waves in Rectangular Wave Guide
4.Propagation Characteristics of TM mn and TE mn in Rectangular Wave Guide
5.Power Transmission and Attenuation
6.Excitation of Modes in Rectangular Wave Guide
7.Attenuation Constant for TM11 Mode
Chapter V – Circular Wave Guides and Resonators
2.Dominant Modes in Circular Wave Guide
3.Wave Impedances and Characteristic Impedances
4.Wave Guide Cavity Resonator
5.Application of Cavity Resonator

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