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Vijay Nicole started in 1997 with its unique service of acquisitions and content development and turnkey editorial services including copy-editing, typesetting, proofreading, design and other related pre-press services.

The name Vijay Nicole was conceived by P K Madhavan (founder) as a win-win harmony. Vijay, his first son’s name means victory and Nicole, which has its origin from Nicholas, also means victory.

Over time the domain of services provided by Vijay Nicole increased from editorial and typesetting to indexing, translations, production management, consulting, publishing management, CBT’s, training tutorials and multi-media products.

Along with the growth was the ardent desire to provide better learning and training in publishing to employees, associates, freelancers, students and others. Out of this need was born the Vijay Nicole Institute of Publishing.

In 2004, Vijay Nicole started publishing under its own brand. The primary focus of publishing is educational with emphasis on college level textbooks in Computing, Engineering, Management, Commerce and English.

A few select Vijay Nicole titles are copublished with Thomson Learning. VNI has also has exclusive distribution rights for some titles in the domain of science & technology with Springer and Thomson Learning.

Editorial Services

"The good copy-editor is a rare creature: an intelligent reader and a tactful and sensitive critic; someone who cares enough about perfection of detail to spend a long time checking small points of consistency in someone else's work but has the judgement not to waste time or antagonize the author by making unnecessary corrections."
Judith Butcher
Cambridge University Press, 1996

At VNI, we strive for perfection, to be sensitive and tactful, and to value-add to the author's work. We promise (our authors and publisher clients) to read every word of the entire script before it reaches the hands of the reader. Apart from ensuring general sense and organization, we read scripts for correctness of grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency of style usage, and sequencing and cross-referencing.

As the last line of defense against errors, proofreading is a process done with great care and thoroughness. We proofread scripts twice or more to check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and other inconsistencies prior to printing.

Technical Editing
Stretching our experience of working on computing and engineering books, we help produce reader-friendly user manuals, technical support brochures, abstracts, and the like.

While a computer-generated index is an easy option, it is neither effective nor elegant. our professional indexers use their judgement and intelligence to create a reader-friendly and appropriate index.

Essentially an outsourced activity, we work with experts in the field who can translate scripts in English into any Indian language and vice versa. (We have so far worked on Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada projects.)

Typesetting Services

VNI has so far set over 800 books into type. We also offer conversion of electronic files into HTML and PDF formats for web distribution. We work with PageMaker, QuarkXPress, and various graphics packages like Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. and provide high quality output or PostScript files for direct imaging by the printer. View sample typeset pages.

Designing & Layout Services

Our designers are familiar with all aspects of design. Our services include book design, cover design, and brochure design. For editorial, typesetting and design services, contact us email.

Vijay Nicole solicits authorship in all areas of academic interest.
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Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt Ltd
No. 936, 2nd Floor,
Jayadurga Complex
Bazaar Road, Ram Nagar
Chennai - 600 091
(Opp Reliance Fresh)
Phone: 044 4386 9302,
Mobile: +91 72002 58368

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